About Us


Cassatt Water was originally incorporated on November 18, 1969 as a not-for-profit water company for the purpose of acquiring, constructing, maintaining and providing a water distribution system and supplying water to individuals, farms, businesses, corporations and political subdivisions within its service area. At the time of its initial operation, the Water Company served approximately 500 customers in the rural Cassatt and Sandy Run communities of Kershaw County. On July 31, 1975, Kershaw County, Lee County and the Water Company entered into an Agreement for Establishment of Rural Water Service in Portions of Kershaw and Lee County. Since 1975, the Water Company continued to expand its service area to include service to portions of Kershaw County, Lee County, Sumter County and Lancaster County. Post-1975 expansions were implemented in response to potential demand or as a result of the acquisition of smaller systems (including three special purpose districts and a portion of the City of Bishopville).

The Authority is now a special purpose district of the State, created and established as a body politic and corporate pursuant to Title 33, Chapter 36, Article 8 of the Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, as amended. The current service area includes an area of approximately 764 square miles and provides water service to approximately 24,300 people. The Authority is governed by a nine-member Board of Commissioners.