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Customer Services

Other Important Information

After Hours Contact
For assistance with water service issues during non-business hours, please call our office at (803) 432-8235 or toll free at 1-800-521-2441. On call personnel will call you back immediately and provide emergency assistance 24 hours a day.

About Your Water Meter
The following is a description of commonly used terms:
Pressure Regulator - Regulates water pressure on customer side of meter.
Water Main - Transports water from water plants, tanks, etc.
Supply Line - Service line that transports the water from the main to the meter.
Curb Stop Turnoff - The shut-off valve that can be locked in place if water service is not in use.
Meter - Records the amount of water used.
Backflow Device - Prevents backflow or back-siphoning of contaminated water into the distribution system.
Customers Valve Handle - Allows water service to be cut off in case of a leak or repair to residential plumbing.
Service Line - The line from the metering point, or property line to your structure. (Owned and maintained by the customer)

You can Monitor Your Meter (Checking for Water Leaks)

  • Turn off all faucets in your house and verify that no water is being used.
  • Make a note of where the needle is on the glass cover over the water meter register.
  • Write down the reading. Don't use any water for at least fifteen minutes.
  • After fifteen minutes, check to see if the flow detector needle has moved at all. If it has, then you have a possible leak somewhere.
  • If the leak is from the meter to your house, it is your responsibility to repair.
  • If you notice a leak at the meter please call our office. Cassatt Water will tell you how to determine if the leak is on your side of the meter box.

Leak Adjustment Policy/Request Form